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Join us for a 2 year Graduate Program with the Legendary Dr. Farokh Master

Offered in association with Whole Health Now, this 2 year course offers webinars and live seminars in Toronto  For more details and to register, click here




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 Riverdale Homeopathy is proud to be one of Canada’s largest online stores, offering a wide variety of homeopathic products. Browse our online store to find all your homeopathic needs like, Homeopathic Remedies, Natural Products, Homeopathy Books, and General Homeopathic Supplies.

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Looking for something that’s not on our website? Not a problem, contact us, our team can find almost anything homeopathic that you might need.


For Homeopathic Practitioners

Riverdale Homeopathy provide guidance and leadership for Homeopathic Practitioners looking for tools of the trade, community, and continuing education. We like to think of ourselves as a single source where you can meet all your homeopathic needs.

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Homeopathy Clinic in Toronto

Riverdale Homeopathy focuses on building resources to support individuals and families looking for holistic alternatives.  We offer a friendly neighborhood spot where you can get expert advice, Our staff is made up of practitioners with the knowledge and expertise to help you find exactly what you need. From over the counter remedies for a variety of acute ailments, to in depth, personalized treatment with one of our practitioners.


Homeopathic Practitioners

The Riverdale Homeopathy team is made up of some of the most respected practitioners in Canada. Our award winning practitioners include a clinical researcher, teachers and a medical doctor. Our areas of expertise include paediatrics, autism spectrum disorders, perinatal care, cancer care, mental health disorders and general family practice. You can read our bios here. 

Our Wellness Services

 Ready to take charge of your health? Our group of holistic practitioners will take the time to know you, listen and address your needs as you understand them. In addition to homeopathy, our clinic offers, psychotherapy, registered massage therapy, acupuncture, birth support, holistic nutrition and much more.  All our practitioners are handpicked for their knowledge, education, experience, and talent.


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Education and Learning Resources 

Whether you are a holistic health professional or a member of our community, we provide educational opportunities for all levels.


Have a look at our Learning Page and you will find:


-      Homeopathic Mentorship and Work Exchange Program

-      Upcoming Seminars and Workshops

-      New Events & Discussions

-      Articles

-      Our Blog


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