Arnica - The Gateway Remedy?


By Karen Sullivan Hom DHMHS

Since being introduced to Homeopathy I have become sure of at least two things.  Homeopathy works and many people are skeptical of it. What I am still trying to determine is how arnica somehow broke through and became a trusted go-to for the masses.  Surgeons have been known to use arnica post-operatively with their patients. Cosmetic products repurpose its properties claiming they discovered the cure to dark circles.  Physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists appear to be sticking to it’s proven use. From Hollywood to the catwalk, celebrities and high-profile athletes are embracing the little yellow flower, propelling its recognition to mountain heights.  

Arnica has permeated into many products and places that even if you know nothing about Homeopathy, chances are you have still encountered it in pellet, tincture, gel, cream or oil form. It makes me think “what about bellis perrenis?”  After expediting the healing process with this remedy, I can’t help but wonder why these same surgeons are not including it in their soft tissue repair plans, but alas many are not.  I have started to imagine the common English daisy as the Cinderella of the compositae family and frankly it hurts.  I take comfort in the fact that the most likely reason arnica is so popular is because it works.  Connecting patients to why it works is the next step.  As a practitioner, arnica has often been a gateway to discussing the system of Homeopathic medicine. I have talked about arnica in my office, at little league, and among friends because let’s be honest who makes it through a lifetime injury free? Arnica is a way of letting the masses know many of them are already successfully applying Samuel Hahnemann’s fundamental law, like cures like and that it is working for them. From this point I can let them know there are over 4000 other proven remedies.  They can learn about how an accurately matched Homeopathic selection can help with many health concerns and not just those that are acute or of a first-aid nature. I may never know the “it-factor” that lifted arnica’s to such heights, but what matters is that arnica has opened the door for dialogue. Homeopathy can always use a profile increase so here’s to arnica for being the little flower that could and bring Dr. Hahnemann’s work to the multitude!

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