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Our wellness centre strives to provide every person with an individualized, wholistic approach to health. The practitioners working here have received the best training available and can collaborate to give you a complete health work-up from the ground up. From assessing your nutritional needs (the basic building blocks to wellness) to addressing emotional stumbling blocks our team of professionals are here to guide you on your path to health.


Saving the world, one remedy at a time! 


Riverdale Homeopathy and Community Wellness Center has been a fixture in Toronto’s east end since 1999.

We offer a wide range of integrative holistic health services. Our clinicians work in a collaborative way, so if a referral is necessary, you won’t have to go far and you know your practitioners will work together to provide the best possible care. We’ve handpicked the best practitioners that we trust and love to work with so you know you’ll be getting quality care at every step.


Riverdale Homeopathic Resources believes that grassroots education is a primary way to prevent disease and promote health. Join us for workshops and courses, expand your knowledge, and learn the craft of living well. Check our event calendar every month (in-store or online) to see our upcoming courses. Learn Homeopathic first aid, massage, Reiki, nutritional basics, as well as special courses for women. Riverdale is dedicated to preserving our environment. We are continually taking steps to reduce our footprint. All our paper is re-used or recycled, we use non-toxic cleaning products and even painted our walls with low VOC recycled paint.


Check out our in-house dispensary and bookstore, for all your homeopathic needs, as well as vitamins and supplements (and a few indulgent snacks). As an added perk patients of the clinic get a 10% discount on store products. Our shop staff are all homeopaths ready to offer expert advice – come visit us at any time!



Store hours for sales of remedies, books and supplements:

Monday-Saturday: 10:00AM-6:00PM

Hours for clinician services: Any time, by appointment.


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