Your Homeopthy Visit


Your initial consultation with your practitioner will be about two hours long. If you have any lab work or test results that are pertinent to your condition, please bring them with you. There is a detailed intake form to fill out that you should bring with you to your appointment. Your practitioner will ask you about your chief concerns in detail, including things like:


• Sensations – eg. what does the pain feel like?
• times of the day it is better or worse, or when the condition comes on –
• eg. headaches that come on late afternoon
• anything that makes your condition better or worse –
• eg. Cough better going outside, cramps better with heat or pressure
• how having this condition affects your life


Your practitioner will also want to know how your body generally functions. In other words, what is typical for you in terms of:

• body temperature
• perspiration
• bowel movements and urination
• appetite, food cravings
• menstruation
• etc.


Because this is a holistic medicine, your practitioner will want to know all about your personality.

• How the illness affects your life
• How you interact with others – strangers, family, friends, work
• How you deal with stress, anger, etc.
• Your likes and dislikes
• Any past traumas
• What your childhood was like
• etc.


Using all of this information, your practitioner will choose a remedy that fits all of your conditions and concerns.  For a constitutional prescription to deal with chronic concerns, a practitioner will often take a few days to a week to research our over 3000 remedies, to find the right medicine specific to you.

Your practitioner might also make some nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. The practitioner's toolkit also includes adjunctive therapies like tissue salts (like a homeopathic vitamin to address deficiencies), gemmotherapy (low dose dilutions made from the growing parts of plants), and Bach flower remedies (flower essences that target mental and emotional disturbances).


Follow up Consultations

Continuing regular visits with your practitioner is of utmost importance to get long term and significant results. 

You may feel your remedy worked well and so you do not need to return or you may have the impression that your remedy did absolutely nothing and you decide not to return in your disappointment.

It’s important to remember that health is a dynamic process and your practitioner has the larger picture in mind. We want to ensure that healing is deep and lasting. Sometimes initial changes are subtle and you can miss them if you don’t know what to look for, or perhaps the remedy or potency requires tweaking to get a better result.


Acute Illnesses

Acute illnesses like colds and flus, injuries, ear infections, teething, etc are very well treated using homeopathy.  Simple acutes can be handled in store by one of our knowledgeable staff members, but for more complex acutes you can book an appointment to see one of our skilled practitioners by calling us at 416-778-0085.


Save time by filling out your intake forms ahead of time


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