3 Books You Need This Summer

Summer has finally arrived although the weather has not been very cooperative. Whether or not you’ll be travelling there are always annoying, acute situations that occur in the summer like bug bites and sunburns. These books are great, portable guides for travel or home that are full of great Homeopathic and therapeutic treatments. Don’t leave home without one! And your remedy kit of course!


  1. Richard Pitt- Essential Natural Health Guide For Travel and Home. $9.99

A natural health manual for travel and home. Essential information on the use of natural medicines, especially homeopathic medicine for a wide range of conditions found at home and when traveling.


This book is just slightly bigger than a Smartphone but is full of fantastic information on a wide range of health topics. It is a well thought out and easy to use resource that everyone should have in their collection. It begins with sections on using natural medicines and general first aid and travel preparation advice.


Then there are 8 chapters that cover a multitude of common conditions. He begins with accidents and traumas (many of them specific to summer and travel situations) and then he covers more common conditions like indigestion and toothaches and everything in between. In each subsection he describes useful therapeutic and general care information as well as homeopathic medicines useful in each condition.


It’s a great price too!


2. Reichenberg-Ullman- The Savvy Traveler's Guide to Homeopathy and Natural Medicine. $28.00

A wealth of user-friendly tips for 68 health problems. Secrets to smart, safe, cheap, fun, and healthy travel.


This is a great resource for everyone but travellers will absolutely love this book. This book is lightweight and easy to travel with. It’s full of bright pictures and remedy quizzes to help you remember important characteristics of many homeopathic medicines. But the content of this book is invaluable. Aside from the Homeopathic medicine information you’d expect, there is a wealth of information for general travel such as prevention of certain conditions, general treatments and travel tips.


3. Roy & Lage-Roy - Homeopathic Guide for Travellers: Remedies for Health and Safety. $18.95

They introduce important remedies for injuries sustained while backpacking, climbing, or diving, along with some that take effect immediately, including medicine for animal stings and bites or reactions from poisonous plants, such as poison ivy.


Featuring handy resources like a basic traveler's first aid kit, Homeopathic Guide for Travelers is the one book you need for healthy and happy travels.


This is another great resource for summer acutes and general travel. This book does a great job of pointing out which homeopathic medicines should be given first in a situation before you start going through your kit. They’ve also gone to the trouble of listing must have medicines for your travel/summer kit should you wish to put a kit together on your own! (If not try this)


Should you need to find a different homeopathic medicine than the ones you’ve packed with you, the introduction contains a list of countries around the world and the likelihood of you finding homeopathic medicines or a Homeopath in that area.


Have a great summer!

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