Top 3 books you NEED to read as an introduction to Homeopathy!

If you’re new to Homeopathy or have a general interest in the topic, here are some books to get you started! All of which are available at Riverdale Homeopathy!


  1. The organon


The Organon is where it all started. Samuel Hahnemann was a medical doctor disillusioned with the way medicine was being practiced and tried to find a better way to treat his patients. And through research and experimentation, Homeopathy was born. This book isn’t the type of book you can sit and read in one sitting, but it is the foundation of Homeopathy and should be read by everyone. The Wenda Brewster O’reilly edition of the Organon is a great translation of the original German and has helpful comments in the margins as well as a glossary in the back.


2. Beyond Flat Earth Medicine


Check out the description on our website, “People today are rediscovering homeopathy, yet few understand this individualized approach to health and disease. Dr. Dooley brings over 25 years of training and experience in a wide range of health sciences to this novel introduction to homeopathy – what it is, how it differs, when to use it, what to expect, how to get results”.

Unlike the Organon this book can be read in one sitting and rightfully so, it’s well written and concise. It is a beginner’s guide to Homeopathy for patients and students alike. Dooley has done a great job of explaining Homeopathy and what to expect as a patient or a student of the medicine.  

3. Discovering Homeopathy: Your introduction to the Science and Art of Homeopathic Medicine


Any Dana Ullman book could be on this list. Everything Dana writes is approachable, easy to read and enjoy. A great place to start is “Discovering Homeopathy” which is an introduction to Homeopathy for learners at any level. He makes Homeopathy accessible and provides a “condensed” history as well as research that has been done in Homeopathy. Another great Dana Ullman book is The Homeopathic Revolution which highlights Homeopathy as used by celebrities and athletes. The book is full of personal experiences of well known people and how Homeopathy has helped them. It’s a fascinating read!


These books are just the tip of the iceberg. Riverdale Homeopathy is your one stop shop for all your Homeopathy needs! Come in and browse our large selection of books or check out our website!

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