Tromos English Wildflower Remedy (Bach Flower Rescue Remedy) - 10mL

Tromos English Wildflower Remedy (Bach Flower Rescue Remedy) - 10mL


Keynote: Emergency/Stress Formula

Tromos™ safe, natural, no side-effects. Formulated by Dr. Bach in 1933 and used by thousands worldwide. Dr. Bach's emergency/stress formula is noted for its calming and stabilizing effect in times of crisis and stress. ('TROMOS' is from the ancient Greek meaning great fear or terror.)

Tromos™ consists of five wildflowers, each with a specific purpose:

Rock Rose:  For terror, panic, hysteria, and great fear. It is the foundation of this composite remedy. Dr. Bach referred to Rock Rose as the 'remedy of emergency' in his book, The Twelve Healers.

Impatiens:  For irritability and agitation accompanying stress.

Clematis:  For unconsiousness, spaciness, faintness and out-of-body feelings often accompanying trauma.

Cherry Plum: For fear of losing control of mind and body.

Star of Bethlehem: For mental and physical shock.

The English Wildflower Remedies™ are made according to the original methods of Dr. Edward Bach from wildcrafted flowers and biodynamic organic brandy. The remedies come in a 10ml amber bottle with a dropper lid. Sourced locally from Peterborough, Ontario.