Viburnum Lantana Gemmotherapy 1DH

Viburnum Lantana Gemmotherapy 1DH


Lithy tree - buds

Indications: Chronic spasmodic rhinitis / allergies / eczema / asthma


Viburnum lantana is a remedy with an affinity for the upper and lower respiratory tracts. It is a remedy for the lungs (eg. asthma, smoker's cough), and a potent lung drainer. It also facilitates healing of the mucous membranes and skin (eczema). It is a specific for symptoms that alternate between the respiratory tract and the skin. It can be used in cases of hyperthyroidism, Grave's disease and thyrotoxicosis. Tinnitus can also be treated with Viburnum. 

Gemmotherapy remedies are very close to herbal, so there can be counter-indications. Please consult your health care practitioner before using any of the gemmotherapy remedies, or ask one of our skilled homeopaths for advice!