The Chronic Diseases - Their Peculiar Nature and Their Homoeopathic Cure Vol 1 and 2 - Samuel Hahnemann, 2001 Reprint


Excerpt from Author’s Preface: We have no meas of reaching with our sense or of gaining essential knowledge, as to the process of life in the interior of man, and it is only at times granted us to draw speculative conclusions from what is happening, as to the manner in chich it may have occurred or taken place; but we are unab;le to furnish conculsive proofs of our explanations, from the changes which are observed in the inorganic kingdom; for the changes in living organic subjects have nothing in comone with those taking place in what is inorganic since they take place by processes entirely different. It is, therefore, quite natural that in presenting the Homeopathic Therapeutics I did not venture to explain how the cure of diseasese is effected by operating on the patient with substances possessing the power to excite very similar morbid symptoms in healthy persons. I furnished, indeed, a conjecture about it, but I did not desire to call it an explanation, i.e. a definite explanation incumbent upon us to cure similar symptoms correctly and successfully, according to a law of nature which is being constantly confirmed; but not to boast with abstract explanations, while we leave the patients uncured; for that is all which so-called physicians have hitherto accomplished.

1600 pages total between both volumes, harcover


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