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Scrofularia Nodosa - Multidose CA$8.29
Scrofularia Nodosa - Pellets (unit-dose Tube) CA$6.59
Scrofularia Nodosa - Liquid Dilution 30ml CA$9.79
Scrofularia Nodosa - Liquid Dilution 60ml CA$16.89
Scrofularia Nodosa - Liquid Dilution 125ml CA$27.89
Scrofularia Nodosa - Liquid Dilution 250ml CA$41.79
Scrofularia Nodosa - Liquid Dilution 1l CA$111.29
Scrofularia Nodosa - Mother Tincture 30ml CA$11.99
Scrofularia Nodosa - Mother Tincture 60ml CA$20.19
Scrofularia Nodosa - Mother Tincture 1l CA$174.09
Knotted Figwort A powerful medicine whenever enlarged glands are present. Hodgkin’s disease. A valuable skin remedy. Has a specific affinity for the breast; very useful in the dissipation of breast tumors. Eczema of the ear. Pruritus vaginæ. Lupoid ulceration. Scrofulous swellings (Cistus). Painful hæmorrhoids. Tubercular testis. Epithelioma. Nodosities in the breasts (Scirrhinum). Pain in all flexor muscles. Head.–Vertigo felt in vertex, greater when standing; drowsiness; pain from forehead to back of head. Eczema behind ear. Crusta lactea. Eyes.–Distressing photophobia (Conium). Spots before eyes. Stitches in eyebrow. Sore eyeballs. Ears.–Inflammation about auricle. Deep ulcerated auricle. Eczema around ear. Abdomen.–Pain in liver on pressure. Colic below navel. Pain in sigmoid flexure and rectum. Painful, bleeding, protruding piles. Respiratory.–Violent dyspnœa, oppression of chest with trembling. Pain about bifurcation of trachea. Asthma in scrofulous patients. Skin.–Prickling itching, worse back of hand. Sleep.–Great drowsiness; in morning and before and after meals with weariness. Modalities.–Worse lying on right side. Compare: Lobel erinus; Ruta; Carcinosin; Conium; Asterias.

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