Predictive Homoeopathy - Part II Theory of Acutes - Prafull Vijayakar, 2000


Excerpt from Introduction: Whenever Homeopaths, even successful Homeopaths encounter or come across cases of pneumonia and typhoid, they prefer to just refer the case to an allopathic physician. Most of the time the reason forwarded is “Homeopathy is a slow acting therapy”, “it is meant for chronic diseases only not for emergencies”. “ You get the acute attack of this disease controlled with allopathy then we’ll treat you to raise your immunity so you don’t get it again. “ This lame excuses put forward even by so called Classical Homeopaths, expose the limitations of those Homeopaths and not Homeopathy.
Remember Homeopathy is a complete science. Hence limitations and scope of Homeopathy is the Homeopath himself. The Homeopath’s knowledge is what falters. If not, if is the application  of this knowledge which falters.

Many Materia Medicas have been written on therapeutics of fevers and acute disease. Yet Homeopaths find it difficult to get results in such cases. The reasons may be many, but the main reason is lawlessness i.e. all the 7 cardinal principles of Homeopathy are not applied and the laws like that of Hering’s, are bypassed.

160 pages, paperback


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