Organon of Medicine 6th Ed - Samuel Hahnemann, 2002 Reprint


A combination of 5th edition by Dudgeon (the 1893 revision) with the 6th edition by Boericke. Essentially, one can see the changes that Hahnemann made to the text of the 5th. An appendix outlines all the changes made from the first edtition on.
a valuable study guide. Of all the published editions, this remains the favourite, since it clearly shows the changes in hahneman's thinking as some paragraphs in the fifth edition were modified and others completely rewritten. This edition offers both versions interposed ("This paragraph was completely rewritten in the sixth...")
The combined fifth & sixth edition of Organon presently available in the market was typesetted around 100 years back. The modern reader finds it difficult to read and go through the book. for the past few years we have been constantly requested by our beloved readers to redo this treasure in a manner which is consistent with modern books. To make the book user frienly we have refurnished it. The positive changes we made are as follows:
-A new font has been used which is bigger in size and is a pleasure to read.
-Footnotes which were earlier given at the bottom and spread over different aphorisms were difficult to find and read. In this new book, we have incorpotated them under the appropriate aphorisms at on place. this makes the reading and understanding of Organon more effortless.
-Lastly but ver importantly a word indes of 18 pages has been addes at the end of the book which makes it very easy to find the required portion of the text.

314 pages, paperback


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