Sabrina Tosi-Creet

Bio Energy Practitioner


After over a decade studying and teaching yoga Sabrina discovered the power of Bio-Energy.  Through yoga she had already felt the importance of the energy that flows through our chakras, so when she first heard Michael D’Alton describing the power of this energy to heal it instantly made sense.  

Sabrina has spent years studying and working on her healing techniques.  She is now a level four Bio Energy practitioner and trainer, treating clients suffering from a wide range of symptoms.

Sabrina has been told she has a gift for recognizing blockages in the body’s energy flow. Once identified she works to eliminate these blockages and help each client return to their natural state of healthy energy flow.  Sabrina sees strong results in clients suffering from everything from migraines and lower back pain to postpartum depression and more chronic diseases.  


For more information on how bio-energy healing can activate your bodies own healing abilities check out Sabrina’s website.

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