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Sandy Silicea - Farokh J Master

Sandy Silicea - Farokh J Master


Excerpt from Text: Outside homeopathy, flint as an internal remedy is practically unknown. It is hard and insoluble and therefore medicinally inert in is original form. However, as is the case with Lycopodium, Aurum (gold), Argentum (silver), Plumbum (lead), Mercury and others, Hahnemann was able to convert these substances into therapeutically useful medicines by the process of trituration.
Silicea is one of the twelve bio-chemic tissue salts introduced by Dr. Schussler. It is a grand illustration of the efficacy of potentization.

60 pages, soft cover

The Study of Materia Medica and Taking the Case - Boger

The Study of Materia Medica and Taking the Case - Boger


The third edition of this compilation featuring four essays by Boger, including Observations on Prescribing and Grading of Symptoms.


The want of an authoritative treatise on the Study of Materia Medica and Case Taking from the Hahnemannian standpoint has been keenly felt, more especially by the students and the, members of the dominant school who are now taking a growing interest in the field of Homoepathy.
In this little brochure we present two essays on the subject by Dr. C. M. Boger, whose knowledge of homoepathic science, deep study and comprehension of its philosophy and materia medica, and rare acumen as a successful prescriber, have established him as an authority of great eminence. Accordingly, we have no hesitation in commending its perusal and study to the reader as the valuable information it contains will be found both interesting and instructive.
We wish to acknowledge our indebtedness to Mrs. Boger for the courtesy in sending us the essays and permitting their publication.

1-3-1941 ROY & Co.

The first edition of this little booklet having been exhausted we have pleasure in presenting to the lovers of homoeopathy a new edition with an additional essay of the late Dr. Boger on " Observations on Prescribing ". We have no doubt this will be found as interesting and; enhance the usefulness of the work.

10th Aril 1952

In this third edition we have added yet another valuable essay of the author "Grading of Symptoms" which will be found to add to the usefulness of the work.


A Proving of Moccasin Snake (Toxicophis) - Farokh J Master

A Proving of Moccasin Snake (Toxicophis) - Farokh J Master


Excerpt from Preface: In the recent year, a lot of work has been done in the field of Homeopathic Provings, and this is a small attempt at proving hitherto scantily proved and unknown drugs. We have tried to be as scientific as possible and have closely adhered to the protocol given in -
British Homeopathic Journal - Peter Fisher
Central Council of Research in Homeopathy - Dr. D. P. Rastogi
Dynamis School of Provings - Jeremy Sherr

The idea occurred to  me during my seminar in Vienna in 1995,when Dr. Walter Gluck of Soos, Austria, informed me about the international competition of Drug Proving. The proving was started in April 1996 and continued until August 1998.

40 pages, soft cover

Gunpowder as a War Remedy - J H Clarke, 2003 Reprint

Gunpowder as a War Remedy - J H Clarke, 2003 Reprint


J.H. Clarke is not unfamiliar in the Homeopathic world. He has rendered immense service to mankind by following the fundamental principles laid down by the MASTER in ‘ORGANON’. The two rare works “RADIUM as an internal remedy’ (especially exemplified in cases of SKIN DISEASES and CANCER) and ‘GUNPOWDER AS A WAR REMEDY’ speak itself on the “Law of Similarity” ie. Radium and Gunpowder which have the capacity to kill human beings can equally kill the ills of human beings provided these are used under the ‘Law of Similarity’. Such works benefit the students, beginners and old practitioners.

31 pages, paperback