Using Philosophy in Homeopathy - Peter Fraser


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“Here is a beautiful book written by an author who lives and breathes the subject – this knowledge permeates the writing making it a useful work-book for the committed student.” – Misha Norland

“Peter has quite brilliantly drawn together the threads of the higher realms of human experience and brought them down to earth to be of immense practical use in our everyday practice.” – Janet Snowdon

We as homeopaths are privileged to practice one of the few philosophically based systems of medicine. This book outlines a short history of the development of homeopathic philosophy. It then gives a clear exposition of the basic principles on which the philosophy rests. In the third part the way s in which this philosophy is applied to the process of case taking and remedy selection are described.
This is a practical tool that brings philosophy down to earth and into the consulting room.

54 pages, paperback


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