The Periodic Table In Homeopathy - The Silver Series - Ulrich Welte (Narayana), 2010


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The translation of the periodic table into homeopathic thinking and language is one of the most rewarding and fascinating pioneer works of modern science. The chemistry of human interactions is indeed analogous to the chemical interactions of the elements. Jan Scholten’s Element Theory allows us to identify mineral remedies accordingly and thus treat human suffering gently, effectively and safely.
Urich Welte, and experienced homeopathic doctor, gives us a candid introduction tot eh human interpretation of the series (rows) and stages (columns) of the periodic table using 61 vivid cases of patients treated with the elements of the Silver series. This exemplary series is row 5 of the periodic table and represents problems at the level of artistic and creative thinking. Welte’s practical, hands-on approach opens up the subject in an intuitive and easily understandable way. Starting from the symptoms and case histories of his patients, we learn how to use typical behaviour patterns, trigger situations, professional choices, and other personal characteristics to find individual remedies that go deep enough to cure even serious disease. New remedies come to life, and well-known remedies appear in a new light. The Element Theory is like looking through the surface of symptoms and perceiving an awesome inner beauty in the depths below. True understanding dawns: the periodic table has come alive!

“Ulrich Welte has expanded the Element Theory and brought it vividly to life in his own practice. The cases demonstrate his full understanding of the essences of the remedies and of the problems in differentiating them. The chapter on the differential diagnosis of the stages clearly shows his deep and intuitive grasp of the subject. I can recommend this book to every practicing homeopath and to all those seeking a practical and nuanced introduction to the Element Theory.”  - Jan Scholten

324 pages, hard cover


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