The Lacs - A Materia Medica & Repertory – Patricia Hatherly


“They say that a dog is man’s best friend. I say that the camel is a teenage rebellion; where the emotions are more developed than the part of the brain that controls rational thought, and I am pleased that htis perspective now has the widest possible audience as a result of this book.” – Nadia Bakir

“Thank you Patricia, provers and patients for your trust, nuture and support in unbuttoning the wonders of the homeopathic ‘Lac Kingdom’.” – Claire Bleakley

“I have been looking forward to a book which would cover all the existing info of the Lacs; a most deep acting group of the animal remedies. One of the few people in the world who would have the competence, knowledge and drive to do this is Patricia and she did it – so thank you very much, Patricia.” – Kees Dam

“In the production of this collection of Lacs, Patricia has gone back to the source material in Animal Mind, Human Voices and other Lac provings and her attention to detail is impressive.” Nancy Herrick

“Congratualtions, Patricia, on the completion of this undertaking. With the translation o the German proving into English and incorporation of the material into the Materia Medica, our colleagues can now get a better appreciation of the gloomy energy that pervades Lac Suillinum.” – Otmar Neuhöfer

“Thank you very much for your work with the Lacs.” – Boris Peisker

“If a man wants to know the donkey, then the key to knowing is being one. The beauty of nay proving is that we don’t have to challenge any laws to transform ourselves into a donkey. This book is about such knowing from Patricia, of many wonderful remedies made from Lacs.” – Chetna Shukla

“This work is the most comprehensive opus on the Lacs. The book will not only help all those doing research on the Lacs, but will help finding the right remedy for a patient when a Lac is being considered, a much easier task. It is a work which I wholeheartedly recommend.” – Roger van Zandvoort

681 pages, paperback


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