The Homeopathic Miasms: A Modern View - Ian Watson, 2009


Excerpt from Introduction: This book began its life as a series of lectures and discussions which took place in various locations during a three-year period. Having formulated the initial ideas, I was eager to share them with other homeopaths in order to obtain feedback, but I also had some anxiety as to the kind of feedback I might receive!

By a stroke of good fortune, an opportunity presented for me to give my very first talk on the subject to a group of homeopathic students in Iceland. I figured that if the feedback was unfavourable, at least it would take a while for it to reach the wider homeopathic community. As it turned out, the material was enthusiastically received and the students encouraged me to develop the ideas further with the input and assistance of many subsequent individuals and groups.

The main body of this work grew out of a gradual realization that the miasm theory developed by Hahnemann contained a built-in limitation. It was a long time before I was able to articulate what I considered the nature of this limitation to be, although I was well aware of its effects, namely to encourage homeopaths to think and to act allopathically.

It became apparent to me that when we refer to some invisible entity which is transmitted from on person to another, infecting them and causing sickness, we have adopted an allopathic attitude. Similarly, when we prescribe remedies with the intention of carrying out ‘anti-miasmatic’ treatment, that is really no different to the intention behind the prescription of antibiotics. I do not believe that this approach is wrong, or even unhelpful, but it does have its limitations.

106 pages, paperback


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