The Child’s World - New Approaches to the Homeopathic Treatment of Children – Linda Johnston


Dr. Linda Johnston has been an active member of the worldwide homeopathic community since the inception of her homeopathic practice. After completing her medical training at the University of Washington, USA in 1979 and a period in family medicine, she started her own private medical practice in 1981. Linda’s main focus has always been the clinical practice of homeopathy, which she continues to this day.
In understanding and prescribing for children, this book will broaden the foundation and expand the fundamental principles that underpin the work of the homeopath as well as enhancing core skills with new perspectives and techniques.
Dr. Johnston examines the traditional methods of treating children with homeopathy and explores how the new approaches to homeopathic prescribing may be successfully applied to children’s cases.
The goal of the homeopath is to facilitate maximum health for the children they treat. The aim of this book is to help the homeopath attain that goal.
“This comprehensive book is beautifully written by a very experienced physician” – Rajan Sankaran
“Dr. Johnston scientifically and artistically presents cases that bring the best of homeopathy to the forefront.” – Divya Chhabra

207 pages, paperback


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