Students Guide to Materia Medica - Renu Bandlish


I have great pleasure in writing a foreword to this ‘Guide’ to students by one of my ablest students, Dr. Renu Bandlish. I have always believed and thought that class-room lectures are necessary to impress upon the minds of the students, the essentials of a drug and to stimulate them to study various books on materia medica. But for appearing in the examination, they require something that would enable them to quickly revise. And thus there is a place for this type of ‘Guide’ to students. I am sure for this purpose the students will find this quite useful. – Dr. D. P Rastogi, Principal, Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital

This book is written in Question-Answer form and questions appeared in different examinations have been combined under each drug. So it will be easier for students to study different types of questions relating to that particular drug and to reproduce it in the examination. I am sure this book will be beneficial even during the practice of Homeopathy.

308 pages, paperback


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