Structuralism and The Plant Kingdom - Volume 1: Monocots - Stephanie Nile


Clear and scientific classification of homeopathic plant remedies based upon the angiosperm phylogeny group III system.
The book catalogues and compares trends which pervade the Botanical  hierarchy of families, orders are entire clades and places them into stage tables which are based of the previous work of Dr. Scholten (stages) and Dr. Sankaran (miasms).
In this book I unearth aspects of Psychology which can enrich the stage concept with various perspectives and methods, such cluster analysis which have the potential to provide a more quantitative evaluation. This means that the stage concept can be applied to any remedy or case.
Another challenge, implicit in any Botanical study of Materia Medica is to integrate any causal relationships between the evolution of botanical function of each of these groups and the symptoms they produce into the remedy pictures.

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Stephanie Nile is amongst scientists, researchers, academics and practitioners at the forefront of modern Homeopathic Science. Thanks to her broad interest, natural curiosity and profound knowledge of the natural Sciences, she dares to present new and colourful insights into the relationship between plant remedies. - Rumen Stoychev, HomeoHelp

This is the time for developing homeopathic studies which organize all previous approaches to Homeopathy. Her natural powers of intuition and synthesis makes her work a very good example of this new tendency.
My dear Stephanie, In the name of all Homeopaths thanks so much for your excellent work, which for sure, is going to help the whole Homeopathic community.  - Jose Mirilli, author of the Thematic Repertory

159 pages, hard cover


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