Some Cactaceae in Homeopathic Medicine - Massimo Mangialavori


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Absolute Self sufficient: Cactus grandiflorus, Cereus bonplandii, Cereus serpentinus, Opuntia alba spina, Opuntia vulgaris, Agave americana and more. Notes from the 2005 - 11th Summer Seminar in Alghero

Excerpt from the Introduction: The times I have used Cactaceae remedies I am often in the situation where I am helping people face their death. It is interesting to consider that there is a group of remedies that can be used near the end of life. These patients came to me with severe disease where it was almost impossible to resolve their illness. The best we can do, and often what these patients came to me for, was to accompany them to their end in the best possible way: giving a sense to their life and their final weeks of existence.
The concept of destructiveness is significant in Cactaceae and is an important concept to consider anytime we are treating severely decompensated cases. It is essential to understand there are two different issues related to the idea of destructiveness. There is a physiological destructiveness that is seen in every person, in every remedy, and in every family. Every remedy has a destructive phase and life necessarily has a negative entropy. The self-destructive attitude is an essential component of this family of remedies, but even a remedy like Pulsatilla can have a destructive aspect.  

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