Sankaran’s Schema (2007 Edition) - Rajan Sankaran, 2007


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From symptoms to system
From mind-body to vital force
From human to non-human-specific
From confusion to clarity
From arbitrariness to a specific method
To increasing levels of success
may we reach the depth that the spirit can rise!

Excerpt from Introduction:  As “Sankaran’s System” gained popularity all over the world a need was felt to have a ready reference work to the entire body of Dr. Sankaran’s work. The first edition of “Sankaran’s Schema” aimed to bring in a nutshell in a tabulated form the different concepts and information spread all over his books - The Spirit of Homeopathy, The Substance of Homeopathy, The System of Homeopathy, The Sensation in Homeopathy and An Insight Into Plants (Vol I, II & III) and Sensation Refined. The Schema has been very well received and there were many suggestions that it should be expanded so as to make it more complete and up-to-date. In fact this edition contains information from several future books by Rajan Sankaran including Survival (Recognizing Animal Remedies) and Structure (Experiences with the Mineral Kingdom). Many useful suggestions came from Felicia Ann Hubrich and Roberto Gava. The development of the Vital Quest software programme with Paresh Vasani was very helpful in updating the Schema. The planning, collating and execution of this and the earlier edition of the Schema has been done by Meghna Shah.

We must add a note of caution that the Schema is meant only for people who have read the above mentioned books of Dr. Rajan Sankaran and who are familiar with his concepts and method. Without this background, the Schema should not be used With this background however the Schema has proven a very valuable tool. We hope that his more complete and comprehensive edition will further help the practitioners.

56 pages, paperback, flip book format


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