Raising a Vaccine Free Child - Wendy Lydall


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‘Wendy Lydall’s book ‘Raising a Vaccine Free Child’ exposes the myths of vaccination in no uncertain terms. It reveals many of the delusions and misconceptions that pervade this procedure in which my profession is involved. There is much in this fully referenced book that I previously did not know.’ - Dr. Mike Godfrey

Vaccination is presented to parents as a safe, scientific procedure, which no responsible parent would query. Yet an increasing number of parents are questioning the validity of this 200 year old ritual. The vaccine industry has responded to this skepticism by introducing coercive measures in many countries in order to achieve compliance.

Since its inception in 1795 by Edward Jenner, vaccination has been an unscientific, commercially-based procedure, which is now aligned with powerful pharmaceutical interests. At the same time, infectious disease pose a significant threat to the health and well-being of children in all strata of society.

Anti-vaccinationists make statements which contradict official pronouncements. Some activists make wild claims for alternative methods for disease prevention. How does a parent find a way through the maze of conflicting information?

Wendy Lydall presents a comprehensive, scientifically-based guide to the myths, facts, problems and solutions associated with raising a vaccine-free child.

332 pages, hardcover


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