Perceiving Rubrics of the Mind, 2nd ed - Farokh Master, 2002

Perceiving Rubrics of the Mind, 2nd ed - Farokh Master, 2002


Here comes the marvelous and authentic work of Dr Farokh Master to understand the rubrics of mind. Our materia medica is so cumbersome that even the best prescribers need to refer to a repertory. Correct interpretation of rubrics mentioned in the section of the mind is indeed very difficult and confusing. The only way left is to go through voluminous dictionaries. So in order to solve this purpose this book came into light.
The rubrics are mentioned alphabetically from A to Z
Adjacent to the main rubric the source of the rubric is mentioned
The cross references are mentioned wherever applicable
Meaning and explanation of the rubric is mentioned
Mental symptoms of the patient are co-related with various psychological conditions
Important remedies pertaining to that rubric are also mentioned for quick reference

Dr Farokh J. Master is an MD in homeopathy. He was awarded gold medal for standing first in MD examination. His clinic has been awarded ‘Certificate of Merit’ by Dr. Michael Lorenz recognizing his clinic as an important center fir Iscador therapy in India. He has a rich teaching experience of more than 25 years in India as well as in foreign countries like U.K., USA, Canada, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Norway, Greece, Cyprus, Malaysia, Netherlands and Germany. He has authored more than 50 books on homeopathy; most of them are best sellers. His professional articles have been published in journals of International repute like British Homeopathic Journal and Homeopathic Links. He is also Editor-In-Chief of the largest circulated homeopathic journal ‘The Homoeopathic Heritage’

505 pages, soft cover

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