Materia Medica of Homeopathic Medicines - 2nd Edition, Revised and Enlarged - S R Phatak


A classical work by Dr. Phatak where he has given the drugs in the pattern of Boger’s work with additions from his experience & practice. He has given the basic important details under each symptom. The P,Q,R,S symptoms of all the remedies have been included with caution which Dr. Phatak has always emphasized that one should be well aware of. It is a very good work for academic use and for a quick reference during your practice. If you don’t want to miss out on any important symptoms, then this one book on Materia Medica will replace few books from your shelves.

Dr. S.R. Phatak, as master prescriber in the field of homeopathy. He has contributed immensely to homeopathic literature. His books are available in three languages - English, Hindi and Marathi. His book ‘Materia Medica’ is very popular both amongst the students and practitioners. His books gives us an insight into the philosophy and practice of this remarkable homeopath. His literature is enriched with his own accurate clinical observations and experiences.

751 pages, soft cover


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