Lectures on Materia Medica (5th Edition) – Caroll Dunham


“Several Editions” speak more conveniently in praise of a book than any words reviewer or publisher could utter. Dr. Carol Dunham, after graduating himself from the Columbia College, New York, made the acquaintance of Dr. Constantine Hering, one of the greatest physicians ever born, who became too helpful to him as well as generous and genial friend. In the meantime he continued his study under Dr. Boenninghausen with a desire to know everything within the enclosure of the school of Homeopathy. Subsequently he gratified himself with Doctorate from College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York.
But did he stop there? No. He wanted to drink the cup of knowledge up to its last drop. He began to study under many of the Greatest Physicians and Specialists of Europe for years.
Dr. Dunham delivered his knowledge in his book “Lectures on Materia Medica,” and immortal part of Homeopathic literature, an indispensable library aid to the practicing Homeopathic practitioners.
The lectures contained in these volumes were delivered by Dr. Dunham while he occupied the chair of Materia Medica in the New York Homeopathic Medical College.
They have been edited from his note-books, practically verbatim, and are the ripe fruit of his thought and experience, - in his own latest words, “too valuable to be lost”.

419 pages, hardcover


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