Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics - with Grouping and Classification (6th Edition) - E.B Nash


Nash covers over 200 remedies which have been enriched with various comparisons, cases & potency advises given at various places. He has presented the drugs in a wonderful but simplistic way where he starts with the doctrine of signature or the sphere of action of the drug. Cover the characteristics of the drug without going into unnecessary details. He has also given many examples of cases with the prescription and also comparisons at various places which are useful for practical application. The author gives various references from other classical books which makes the reading interesting.
The 6th edition has been totally reconstructed:
In this 6th edition, all the errors which crept in due to print medica, have been checked and corrected
A bigger font has been used which makes reading a pleasure
Remedy and Therapeutic index have been placed in the start of the book which makes the book user-friendly
A content page has been added which helps the reader to reach the relevant portion of the book promptly
Dr. E.B. Nash, a contemporary of Dr. J.T. Kent, held the torch of homeopathy in the United States at the juncture of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, after stalwarts like Hering, Dunham, Wells, Lippe and others had ceased from their labours and gone to their well earned rest.
His well-recognized works offered to the profession covered all aspects of medicine - Leaders for the Use of Sulphur, How to Take the Case, Leaders in Typhoid Fever, Regional Leaders, Selective Clinical Cases, Leaders in Respiratory Organs, Prescriber to Nash Leader and Repertory Based on Allen’s Keynotes and Nash Leader.
Review: ‘A delightful volume which is very readable and filled with personal experiences from a grand prescriber. This book is filled with useful hints and insights. I will guarantee that no physician can read this book and not be a better physician,’ said one reviewer.

402 pages, soft cover


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