Keynotes and Red Line Symptoms of Materia Medica – Adolph Von Lippe


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We all know that reading and memorizing the Materia Medica is a must for homeopathic practice but how often we are able to do that, not always!
So as to make Materia Medica simple and easily referable Lippe here presents a compiled book on keynotes of homeopathic drugs. Infact, these are the symptoms we need to be abreast with to have successful prescription and hence successful results. The author also puts beyond the red line, the chains of more symptoms leading to correct diagnoses, in a particular characteristic combination.
There is also a mention of the modalities and relationship to make our study more complete and easy to analyse.
Adolphe Lippe (1812-1888) was a one of the first graduates of homeopathy in America. Lippe taught alongside Constantine Hering at the Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia and wrote several very influential books which are still standard textbooks today for modern homeopaths. Lippe also translated many important homeopathic texts, thus enriching American homeopathy. Lippe was a founding member of the International Hahnemannian Association and he was a colleague of James Tyler Kent, Henry Newell Guernesy, Carroll Dunham and many other famous homeopaths. His pioneering contributions will always be remembered.

275 pages, hardcover


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