Homeopathy for the Herd by C. Edgar Sheaffer


Over the past 50 years, a dangerous set of technologies has crept into beef and dairy farms and ranches. Technologists have succeeded in pushing the pounds of milk that can be extracted from a cow higher and higher and throwing pounds of weight on beef cattle faster. But it came with a price. The average age of dairy cow "burnout" has dropped for almost a decade. Infections are rampant. New diseases and health maladies have appeared. Drug; use and vet bills have skyrocketed. The healthfulness of milk and beef has been questioned. Consumers are voting with their pock-etbooks-and they are increasingly voting against milk and red meat. The farmer or rancher wishing to build true herd health and avoid these unsustainable practices has been hard pressed to find healthy alter-natives. Until now. In this breakthrough book, Dr. Sheaffer passes along his hard-learned knowledge-in language farmers can understand-of how to care for the herd in a healthy, holistic manner. Utilizing homeopathy-an effective, non-toxic form of medicine derived from herbs and other natural sub-stances-as well as other healing alternatives, he will teach you to truly understand the cause behind a disease condition, and then how to treat the entire animal for that condition. Natural remedies for... · Abomasal Displacement · Bloat · Bovine Foot Rot · Calving Paralysis · Coccidia · Dehorning · Grass Tetany · Hardware Disease · Heat Exhaustion · Hoof Fistulas · Indigestion · Iritis · Laminiti · Mastitis · Osteoarthritis · Respiratory Affections · Ulcers (Stomach or Intestinal) · Worms Whether you're a beginning farmer or lifelong cattleman, this hands-on guide will prove to be nothing short of a revolution for your herd.

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