Homeopathic Types - 60 of the Most Important Constitution Types with Photographs - Frans K


After the great success of his work Children’s Types, we are pleased to announce Dr. Frans Kusse’s book of adults types. He has an uncanny ability to portray homeopathic types in a lively and straightforward manner such that we can see them in our mind’s eye – and so recognize them more easily in practice He focuses on the psychological characteristics.
A total of 60 of the most important homeopathic types are described in this book. Together with well-known remedies such as Aurum, Pulsatilla or Staphysagria, there are also descriptions of seldom remedies such as Lithium or Lac delphinium, which are increasingly used nowadays.
To give the types a vivid pictorial quality, 28 remedy descriptions are supplemented with 60 reliable photographic portraits by Dr. Hellmuth Beuchelt. Together with the finely judged descriptions, the result is a unique insight into the most important remedies.
“Frans Kusse writes grippingly and with refreshing clarity. I can recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the current developments in homeopathy.” – Jan Scholten

248 pages, hardcover


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