Frequent Encouters - Disposition Series 1, Introverts and Extroverts - Prafull Vijayakar, 2009


 Excerpt from Preface:  This is the first time I am making an attempt to write what I may call as “working of my mind when I am prescribing for a patient”. What is my actual thought process when a patient comes and sits in front of me is what I am trying to convey through this book of “FREQUENT ENCOUNTERS”.

‘Frequent Encounters’ refers to the different types of personalities and dispositions that we come across in our day to day practice. Everyday a doctor comes across a number of patients; some are angry, some are sad and melancholic, some are talkative, some haughty, some timid, some are clever and some are foolish or idiotic. These are a few of the different personality traits that we frequently encounter. This book is the first of a series that will represent such different encounters that have helped me understand a patient well and come to a right simillimum.

202 pages, paperback


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