Essential Synthesis - Ninth Edition - ed Frederik Schroyens, 2007


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 Two book set includes the Repertory and a Textbook of Repertory Language

Excerpt from Foreword: It must bring the soul of James Tyler Kent great joy to see his repertory finally complete as the additions, corrections and changes in his own copy of the 2nd edition are finally incorporated by Frederik Schroyens in Synthesis Treasure Edition. Putting all the original corrections and additions of Kent into the Essential Synthesis makes this repertory more accurate and more inline with Kent’s thinking.

Kent’s is one of the major repertories which allows us to treat miasmatic problems, inherited chronic miasmatic tendencies and taints which are constantly progressing and which are today threatening the degeneration of mankind. The treatment of chronic miasmatic taints is the field of greatest importance of the Law of Similars as well as the use of this valuable repertory. It would have made him happy to know that his work was completed and that it was done in the way that Hahnemann would have done, more inline with Hahnemann’s teachings.

Repertory: 1980 pages, hard cover
Textbook of Repertory Language: 243 pages, paperback


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