Encyclopedia of Remedy Relationships in Homeopathy - Abdur Rehman


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By far the most comprehensive work on remedy relationships, in which the author does not simply describe which remedies follow a particular remedy well, but differentiates these according to the symptomatology. An outstanding work ideally suited to practical use. It features complementary remedies, inimical remedies, antidotes, follow-on remedies, and intercurrent remedies, supplemented with the side affected (laterality), duration of action, miasm, and foods to be encouraged or avoided.

The publisher:

In the daily homeopathic practice it is often not enough to find the right remedy. Especially in chronic diseases which have been treated already it is quite frequent that a complementary remedy or a seriesof remedies in sequence is needed to cure them keeping in view the changed symptom picture.
This is the first comprehensive handbook on remedy relationships.
The list of complementary, successive and inimical remedies, antidotes and collaterals is supplemented by data on interactions, duration of action, food which has to be avoided, references to miasms and practical tips on the use of the remedies. The clinical notes on the quality and the special characteristics of the respective remedy relationship are especially helpful for choosing the right remedy. Dr. Rehman has drawn the information from a wide variety of books in English, German and French which are referenced in the text.The book is an excellent complement to the homeopathic materia medica and a useful guide for the second prescription. It belongs on the reference shelf of every homeopathic practitioner who treatsdifficult chronic conditions.


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