Dreams, Symbols & Homeopathy: Archetypal Dimensions of Healing - Jane Cicchetti, 2003


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Dreams, Symbols and Homeopathy will fascinate those interested in homeopathy and psychology alike – including analytical psychologists intrigued by how homeopathy can be integrated with Jungian theory. Jan Cicchetti shows how C.G. Jung’s concepts of the archetypes, the collective unconscious, the shadow, and the soul’s journey towards individuation can be applied to healing. She describes how dreams can aid the homeopath, often using her own dreams as an example. Cicchetti describes Jung’s typology of psychological classification, and furnishes a Jungian-style symbolic materia medica of homeopathic remedies. She brings new focus to unusual remedies from trees, vines, the seven alchemical metals, and milks.
In this satisfying new work, Cicchetti shows how important the unconscious is in bringing the body back into health.
Jane Cicchetti has made a brilliant integration of homeopathy, Jungian psychotherapy, dream analysis, and alchemical symbolism. She picks up where Edward C. Whitmont (The Alchemy of Healing) left off. Her book is eminently useful for homeopaths and others interested in the relationship between the psyche and healing. – V. Water  Odajnyk, Jungian analyst, co-editor of Quadrant: Journal of the C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology
Jane Cicchetti’s new book is one of the first to bring homeopathy in line with modern psychology and with Jungian psychology in particular. It brings much clarity to the subjects and helps us to understand their complimentary nature – Jan Scholten, M.D., author of Homeopathy and the Elements
Jane Cicchetti touches the unconscious Symbolic world of the reader. This book enriched not only my conscious awareness of the healing process, but also enlivened my unconscious world. My dream world started to awaken; I began to understand more about my dreams. The meaning of even very old dreams that I had previously not understood became clear. – Alize Timmerman, International Teacher of Homeopathy, Director of the Hahnemann Instituut, The Hague

261 pages, paperback


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