Birds - Seeking The Freedom of the Sky - Peter Fraser


The bird remedies have rapidly become a significant part of practice. The general picture of the bird remedy may be relatively clear but the differences between the different species can be subtle and hard to pin down precisely.
This book brings together information on forty different remedies, much f it not readily available elsewhere. It gives a general outline of the features important to birds and how these features are expressed in the bird remedies. It then looks at the individual remedies and details the way that particular issues are important in one remedy and less so in others. It also looks at the emerging relationships between bird families and such things as the relationship between predator and prey.
Transformation between the realms: The remedies that move between the Realms of Sea, Earth, Sky and Underworld have a particular dynamic relationship to that transformation. Understanding this dynamic helps to understand the group as a whole and to find the subtle different between its members. Groups include the Insects, the Birds, the Spiders, the Snakes, the Lacs, the Drugs and the Trees.
“Peter’s series of books has been a revelation. The discrimination between insects and birds is so succinct it is hard to believe it is so true. I can think of no homeopathic books available which give so much wisdom for such a small cost! They have inspired my practice, and benefited my patients.” – Geoff Johnson
“Peter brings a fine focus that penetrates the outer veils to reveal the simpler and truer nature of things. This leads to brevity of expression as well as concentration of the material: an aqua vitae from which we may sip and understand. The information given is really useful in practice, helping me to recognize similima. I have been eagerly awaiting this book.” – Misha Norland

211 pages, paperback


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