Advanced Guide for Professional Homeopaths - A companion book to Hahnemann Revisited and Achieving and Maintaining the Simillimum – Luc De Schepper


The Advanced Guide for Professional Homeopaths completes the trio of valuable reference books for the professional homeopath. Building on previous works, Hahnemann Revisited and Achieving and Maintaining the Simillimum, this book will help homeopaths overcome challenging obstacles to their own difficult cases. The topics of potency selection and miasms are revisited to make them more practical for the homeopathic practice, suggesting a golden middle way, a path about results instead of passions. New topics are also presented: 11 questions the practitioner must ask him or herself in order to find the simillimum with maximum confidence. The epidemic of “special needs children” that we are witnessing at this time is addressed with a chapter focusing on the intrauterine experience. Herings observations are amplified with additions, either from the practice or from other modalities such as psychology and Traditional Chinese Medicine. And this book builds the bridge to the next book: Beyond Jung: Delusions, Dreams, and Homeopathy. Beyond Jung explains the most interesting and advanced method to find the simillimum by using Carl Jung’s definition of a core delusion, plus the patient’s etiology and their compensations.
Luc De Schepper, MD, PhD, Lic.Ac, homeopath, Hahnemannian scholar, and lecturer, is known to hundreds of students as a brilliant and inspiring lecturer and to thousands of patients as a gentle and compassionate healer. Dr. Luc has devoted years researching Hahnemann’s 4th, 5th, and 6th editions of the Organon, all editions of Chronic Diseases, and the Paris Case Books, plus many lesser known works of the great masters. Soon after receiving his medical degree in his native Belgium in 1971, he began studying homeopathy as part of a PhD program in acupuncture. He also studied with Robin Murphy and with the British Institute of Homeopathy but learned the most spending years studying the Old Masters in thousands of old journals. Dr. Luc began incorporating classical homeopathy into his holistic practice upon moving to the US in 1982, using homeopathy exclusively since 1991. His Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy provides professional training in Boston, MA, Secaucus, NJ and Las Vegas, NV to healthcare professionals. Dr. Luc devotes part of his time helping the poor in developing countries and intends to do so until the end of his life. He has a private practice in Pacific Palisades, California. Visit him at

240 pages, hardcover


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