A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer - A U Ramakrishnan and Catherine R Coulter


Excerpt from Introduction: For more than thirty years I have been practicing homoeopathy and lecturing on the subject. Recently I have felt I should put down my thoughts in book form and thus have a chance to share my experience with others, who then could also profit from the homeopathic healing method.
I was trained in allopathic medicine in India, at the prestigious Madras Medical College and graduated in 1966. Then I went to England and was trained in homeopathy, under the particular tutelage of Dr. Margery G. Blackie, at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital, and got my M.F.Hom. in 1968. Since then I have been teaching and conducting postgraduate courses in India, East Asia, Western Europe, and North America, and have been offering consultations to patients all over the world.
What lead me to focus on cancer was a series of failures in cancer cases in my earlier days, particularly the loss of my sister in 1974 and my elder brother in 1984, both of whom were homeopathic doctors. From that time on I have been trying out different combinations, potencies, and dosages of remedies in the treatment of this disease.
Beginning in the late 1980s, I began to observe favorable responses and over the next few years embarked on and experimented with a new technique of prescribing. This methodology, which I have named my “Plussing Method”, stabilized around 1993. The good results of the seven years or so of  working very intensely with this method, especially in comparison with my work in cancer of the previous years, gave me a sense of happiness and enthusiasm that prompted me to write a book.

250 pages, hard cover


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