A Cyclopaedia of Drug Pathogenesy Volume 1 – Richard Hughes


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The four volumes contain records of all provings done to date. Hughes believed that Allen’s Encyclopedia had several faults, among them poor translations of the provings and admitting all published provings without checking their veracity. This latter issue was quite touchy since several years earlier a German physician, C.W. Finckel, had published (to enhance his reputation) several provings that were pure inventions. He had published under several pseudonyms as well and his work was often quoted by opponents of the homeopathic system.
This work was assembled by a committee including Drysdale, Dudgeon and Pope in the UK, and Conrad Wesselhoeft, E.A Farrington, and H. R. Arndt in the USA.
As usual, with the work of Hughes, the scholarship is outstanding. If you have questions about symptoms in Allen’s 10 volumes, a check of these four volume might resolve doubts.

751 pages, hardcover


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