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Unreliable Basic Support: Silicea-Like & Magnesium-Like - Massimo Mangialavori

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Notes from the Second 3-year International Postgraduate Course in Bologna Italy, Session II

Excerpt from text:  There are as many ways of taking a case as there are homeopaths. It is therefore an art. It changes over time according to our own experiences. We all have special, individual qualities of relating to people.
Two of the main delusions about homeopathy are objectivity and totality of symptoms. It is more realistic to take a factual approach to life. It is not important in the first consultation to know everything about the person. It is not true that the more you know or the more symptoms you have, the better. Likewise with a proving; you don’t have to know everything. By trying to learn everything, you can lose the most important aspect. A fractal is a little observation that is so well refined that it becomes a reflection of the whole, more complex concept or system. A leaf is a part of a larger system that tells you so much about the whole system. It is more important to have this one small piece of information like this rather than a list of a thousand symptoms.

143 pages, soft cover, workbook size

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