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Understanding of the Homeopathic Materia Medica - Narendra Mehta

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The Materia Medica is the magnum opus of homeopathic research and an invaluable repertoire of symptoms for homeopathic study. However, it is not easy to recollect all the inexhaustible symptoms of a medicine as listed in this and other homeopathic reference manuals. Apart from the great number of symptoms, one has to also understand how the symptoms have evolved in the medicine. Every medicine has some theme or base from which the understanding, recollection and application of its principles can be derived for effective treatment.

The essence of this book is to facilitate understanding of homeopathic remedies and their bases. The idea behind writing this book is to make understanding of homeopathic medicine simple. There is an earnest endeavor here to simplify the method of recollecting the symptoms rather than just memorizing them. Gleaned from the rich experience of the author, Dr. Narendra Mehta, this book is replete with his invaluable perceptions and hints for devising the right remedy. This innovative book seeks to understand the base correctly and showcases the varied symmptoms of a medicine to make homeopathic prescription easy and simple!

126 pages, soft cover

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