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The New Old Forgotten Remedies Course Whole Health Now Homeopathic Study Course CD – Will Taylor and Kim Elia

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This audio course covers more than 20 different remedies, reviewing materia medica and cases for each. This course is guaranteed to provide you with unforgettable images of these vital remedies.
Here’s a sampling of the remedies covered – Aceticum acidum, Androctonus, Angustra vera, Aristolochia, Asarum europium, Bismuthum subnitricum, Calcarea Acetica, Chironex fleckeri, Chocolate, Falco peregrinus, Larix decidua, Moschus moschiferus, Podophyllum peltatum, Xanthoxylum fraxineum.
Will Taylor, renowned homeopathic educator, research scientist, medical doctor and naturalist, brings his expertise in botany and zoology to this in depth discussion of the classical homeopathic approach.
Kim Elia focuses on differentiating old and forgotten remedies with more well known polychrests from the homeopathic materia medica.
24 hours of audio training/MP3 format

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