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Snakes: Drawing Power From the Underworld - Peter Fraser

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The snake remedies form a vital part of the materia medica. Lachesis is one of the most important of the polychrests but its very importance and prominence has overshadowed the many other snake remedies that are available to us. In many cases where Lachesis, or another of the well known snakes, has some effect a more precise choice of a lesser known snake remedy might have a deeper and more dramatic curative effect.
This book includes a description of the snake remedies in general and of the symptoms that indicate the need for a snake remedy. It also includes a differentiation between the individual snakes, some of which are well known but many of which are new or little understood.
Transformation between the realms: The remedies that move between the Realms of Sea, Earth, Sky and Underworld have a particular dynamic relationship to that transformation. Understanding this dynamic helps to understand the group as a whole and to find the subtle different between its members. Groups include the Insects, the Birds, the Spiders, the Snakes, the Lacs, the Drugs and the Trees.
“Peter’s series of books has been a revelation. The discrimination between insects and birds is so succinct it is hard to believe it is so true. I can think of no homeopathic books available which give so much wisdom for such a small cost! They have inspired my practice, and benefited my patients.” – Geoff Johnson
“This book is remarkably informative, not only in the description of the different Insect remedies but more importantly in delineating how the traits of the insects are expressed in human pathology. The information is practical and brings alive the Insect remedies in a way that is exciting and inspiring.” – Janet Snowdon

60 pages, paperback

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