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Sensations: The Healing Power of Homeopathy - by Ildiko Ran

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Feel as "bold as a hawk" or "happy as a clam?"

According to Sensations: The Healing Power of Homeopathy, these expressions can help a homeopath find the best remedy for one's ills. The author masterfully describes the intricate behind-the-scenes details of a homeopath's mind, working with Rajan Sankaran's Sensation Method. Sensations consists of ten descriptive cases, where the reader gets acquainted with the lifestyles and problems of ten distinctly different people seeking help with migraines, menstrual cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome, hypertension, acute kidney colic, and children with autism, head lice,  and eczema. Interspersed in the dialogue between homeopathy and client you read about the homeopath's thought process and follow the story like a Sherlock Holmes detective story. 

From the publisher:

A new book exploring the healing possibilities of the Sensation Method of Classical Homeopathy. Complete with real live cases from Ildiko Ran's clinic this book is an engaging read and an informative source for all who are interested in Homeopathy. 

"Sensations is an inspiration!"

Katrin Kaufer, Research Director, Presencing Institute Cambridge 

"Sensations, The Healing Power of Homeopathy is an excellent way for people not familiar with homeopathy to gain insight into this fascinating field." 

Gillian Katz Wies, M.D., Psychiatrist

232 pages, soft cover

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