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Select your Dose and Potency - P S Rawat

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The problem of selecting dose and potency has always created difficulties since the very time of Master Hahnemann. Several authorities have devoted themselves to the cause of homeopathy, untiringly experimenting with the action of various drugs in different potencies, and made them known to us in the form of writings scattered here and there. This book compiles the scattered work into one place helping us to select the dose and the potency and become a master in the magical science of homeopathy.
Author has extracted all the valuable information available in the classical literature on use of various remedies in the right potency and presented it at one platform. All remedies from Abies to Zincum have been covered for the recommended potency and repetition notes given by various stalwarts with reference of each author name given.
Compilation of experience of stalwarts from all around the world
Brief introduction on how to deal with a case and cure

737 pages, paperback

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