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The Savvy Traveler's Guide to Homeopathy and Natural Medicine - Reichenberg-Ullman

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A wealth of user-friendly tips for 68 health problems. Secrets to smart, safe, cheap, fun, and healthy travel.

"The Savvy Traveler's Guide is a wonderful resource for adventurers of all ages. It is a compact guide to natural approaches to health—everything you need to know to stay healthy or get well. The book is easy to use, filled with engaging and beautiful photography and travelers' tips on almost any subject. This is the perfect book to tuck into your travel bag along with your emergency remedies."
-Roger Morrison, M.D., Faculty, American Medical College of Homeopathy

"This is a must-have book if you travel a little or a lot. Designed by experienced travelers in ways that lead you quickly to an answer, its functionality is akin to having a friend ready to answer your questions. I suggest reading it thoroughly before a lengthy trip, or one to usual, or unusual, destinations. Take notes!"
-Jean Hoagland, President, Homeopaths Without Borders; Past President, National Center for Homeopathy

"Many years ago, when I set off on my travels as a young man, savvy meant packing my backgammon board so I could make money and have fun on the way. En route I ended up in a hospital in Rome for an acute sinusitis attack and in a back-of-beyond clinic with Montezuma revenge. There were strains, broken bones, coughs, colds, nosebleeds and vexation. Such is travel! I knew nothing of homeopathy, and I wish I had taken this little book, and a remedy kit. What a difference that would have made!"
-Jeremy Sherr, RS Horn. Homoeopathy for Health in Africa; Founder, Dynamis School of Homoeopathy

"Judyth and Bob, both experienced homeopathic physicians, writers and travelers, have written yet another excellent book full of accessible and important information. Great for anyone who likes to travel—whether around the corner or around the world."
-Richard Pitt, Homeopath. Author, The Natural Medicine Guide for Travel and Home

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