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Quick Book of Minerals and Animals - Bhawisha Joshi & Shachindra Joshi

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This is a concise compilation of the work represented by the Joshi's in their seminars and lectures around the globe.

It comprises - a comparative materia medica in a crisp table format, an overview of the minerals in the periodic table, miasms and their comparison and a comparative chart to differentiate the basic traits of smaller groups like fungi, bacteria, sarcodes and nosodes. 

The highlight of this book is the Joshi's most recent development - a new dimenson in homeopathy called 'Mapping Personalities'. This entails comparing different human personalities to different animal types. 

The Joshi's have also done some ground-breaking work, as a by-product of 'Mapping Personalities', comparing animal remedies with mineral remedies.

This work has already been of great help to homeopaths around the globe in solving their difficult and unsolved cases. 

We antiicpate that this book will help you too!

79 pages, soft cover

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