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Provings, Volume I (With A Proving of Alcoholus) – Paul Herscu, 2002

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In all the years of homeopathy, we had never developed a clear understanding of what provings are. What was missing was a model that could explain proivings and at the same time place them within the greater body of homeopathic theory. In this book, we will discuss the technical fundamentals of provings and develop a model that translates into successful results in your practice.
Comprehending the applications of provings should not be relegated to first year homeopathic curriculum and then shelved for occasional reference. Keeping this cornerstone of our profession central in the homeopath’s mind will help practice outcomes from the initial prescription through long term follow-up care. The reason for this is that day-to-day practice follows exactly the same rules, protocols and outcomes that provings do.
These skills are described in this book. We first apply them to the proving, and then indicate how the same skills are useful to find the correct remedy for a patient. It is important for you, the practitioner, because understanding provings can dramatically sharpen your clinical skills, and help more of your patients get better.
In addition, this volume contains the first modern proving of Alcoholus, a remedy which has been used often and with good effect in the treatment of children with autism, attention difficulties, and behaviour issues.
Paul Herscu, ND is the author of several other books and articles on homeopathy including, Stramonium & The Homeopathic Treatment of Children.

351 pages, paperback

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