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Principles of Prescribing: Collected from Clinical Experiences of Pioneers of Homoeopathy - K N Mathur

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Principles of Prescribing, by K.N. Mathur, was first published in 1975 and thereafter has exhausted many editions due to it’s ever rising demand in the market. This is a book containing 30 chapters showing various methods on which a prescription can be based. Though not all of the approaches are widely accepted or utilized, the homeopaths can get an idea as to how they are to be applied and can judge for themselves. Different methods are demonstrated including prescribing on the totality, miasms, keynotes, organ affinities, direction of cure, and repertorization. Cases that are illustrated in this book are from Masters like Hering, Dunham, Lippe, Boger, Kent, Nash, Burnett, and others. This book is essential for advancement of homeopathy and homeopaths.

Dr. K.N. Mathur was born on 10th April, 1906 in state of Allahabad, India. He did his MBBS degree from Lucknow Medical College in the year 1933. After certain years of practice he felt that Allopathic system could not cure the chronic diseases. Thereafter he wanted to study the system of medicine which could prove better and he started with the study of Homeopathy and later worked religiously for its promotion. He worked as Secretary for the Delhi Homoeopathic Medical Association for 10 years and as a teacher for a long time. He authored many books on subject of Pathology, Organon, Repertory, and materia medica, which are well appreciated. He died on 28th January, 1977 leaving behind large number of students who followed the system on his footprints.

671 pages, hard cover

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