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Predictive Homeopathy: Genetic Materia Medica, Tri-miasmatic Materia Medica, Volume 1: Barytas, Calcareas, Kalis, Carbons and Granite - Prafull Vijayakar, 2008

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Excerpt from About This Book:  This is the first volume of the 4 volume series. This volume contains 4 groups and 21 remedies. These are Materia Medica pictures based on my experience and images derived from rubrics and provings for the last 33 years of my practice.
This is not a general type of Materia Medica. There are almost 200 books on Materia Medica. This book is not just a collection of Materia Medica. It has been observed that many times the Materia Medica gets confusing. So to make it easier for students and practitioners to remember, we have made certain changes like: -

  • The outline of this Materia Medica is based on TIMID disposition and RIGHT side affinity of remedy. Right sided remedies are generally supposed to be very positive, aggressive and sensitive. However, this book includes four groups which are timid and right sided as an exception.
  • Understanding of remedy - Hypothetical correlation like Calcarea with chalk etc
  • Rubrics have been put at many places to make students of Materia Medica rubric friendly
  • Rubrics are given in box format, where 3 marks are written in capital bold, 2 marks in italics and 1 mark in simple. This will help students to remember the rubrics of that remedy as well as help them to interpret behaviour into rubrics.

209 pages, paperback

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